What is Sewing Buddy? 

Sewing buddy is the name of our customers that are signed up for our membership program that has just start.

You may wonder, how do i join?

Web Browser

Head to the cover page of lyenaishiong.com and there will be a pink pop up 

The pink pop up is where you can sign up.

Next click register and it will bring you to a page (shown below)

Just simply type in your First Name, Last Name, Email and Password AND YOU'RE DONE

Next i will be teaching you how to sign up through Mobile

Mobile Version

Go to lyenaishiong.com

Click the small logo on the top right hand side ( mannequin logo in pink )


After clicking the pink logo, the page will look like this ^

Click Register at the bottom left

After clicking register, it will pop up this page 

Just as usual, put down your First Name , Last Name, Email and Password.

Click 'Create my Account' and You're done 


1. Customers are allowed to redeem vouchers for their purchases (work as a cashback)

2. Accumulate points after purchases

3. Get updates on new products and promotions

4. Refer to your friends or family

What are the vouchers that can be redeem?

Currently there are only one voucher that can be redeem which is Free Shipping Voucher but don't you worry more vouchers will be coming soon!

Free Shipping Voucher is worth up to $7 with any purchases, the voucher can be redeemed with 500 points.

You may be curious, how do u accumulate 500 points ?


As $1 = 1 point 

And when you sign up there is a welcome point which is a free 10 points which it gives you a head start!

 Get Updates

Yes you will be able to get updates from us about our new arrivals or any promotion that will be happening in the future.


Send referrals to your family and friends and get 100 points ( for both referrer and referees ) as long as referees spend minimum $10

You might be wondering, how do i refer to my family or friends?

Here's your tutorial 

Open your Kangaroo Reward App 


After you copy the link, you can send it to any of your family or friends.

For redeeming offers or rewards 

*Vouchers cannot be stack, only one voucher per purchase*

Proceed to insert your shipping details, your payment details and enjoy your discount!

Free Shipping

Same as $5 voucher, it just requires you to insert the code

If vouchers are used on the same day as you redeemed, vouchers will be return back to your account as unclaimed vouchers

Hope this is easy for you to follow!