Crafting Gratitude: DIY Key Fob for a Special Teacher's Day Gift!

Curious About Key Fob Keychains? Let's Dive In!
This is Key Fob KeyChain ^
Parents are probably helping their kids right? Let do it with your kids!
Supervise while they are make it on their own!
Item 1 : Cotton Bag Strap ( advised to purchase 25 mm , any colour is fine )
Item 2 : Ribbon or Cotton Label Tape ( Cotton label tape can be drawn on with fabric markets )
Item 3 : Clasp Hook ( any size will be fine )
Item 4 : Key Fob Kit 

Here are the step by step instructions 

Step 1 : Measure your chosen colour webbing ( known as bag strap )
Step 2 : Seal the webbing edges with lighter ( do not burn the edges too long, it may lead to catching on fire. the look of it doesn't matter as it will get covered by Key Fob Kit. 
(parents please do it for your kids)
Skip to Step 5 if ribbon is not needed
Step 3 : Measure & Cut your chosen colour ribbon 
Step 4 : Sew or glue ribbon and webbing together
Gluing will be recommended if the kid is doing on his/her own with parents supervision.
 Step 5 : Fold the webbing into half, try to line the end together

Step 6 : Put on the Key Fob Kit on the ends 

Step 7 : Pinch the Key Fob close using pliers

(parents please do it for your kids)

Step 8 : Attach the Clasp Hook and YOU ARE DONE

Hope you enjoy the small DIY! If you follow our step by step instruction and made it, please do share it with us on social media by tagging us @lyenaishiong