Felt Mooncake DIY: Adding Crafty Delight to Your Mooncake Festival
Crafting Delight: Step-by-Step Felt Mooncake Creation Tutorial


What you will need : 
- Fabric glue or threads and needle
- Fabric Scissors ( easier to cut fabrics )
- Dark Brown Felt 
- Light Brown Felt 
- Any kind of stuffing 
Pieces to cut 

1st step

Cut 4 pieces of square. 

- 2 big pieces

-2 smaller pieces

3cm differences between big and small pieces of square

2nd step 

Cut a long piece 

(length depends on the size of the mooncake you are making)

Step By Step Instruction on how to cut the pieces you need.
Step 1 Prepare 4 pieces of square felt spilt into 2 batches
2 big and 2 small piece
Step 2
Fold both big and small piece into half
 Step 3 Fold it into squares , trace the line shown below and cut it by following the line 
Step 4 After cutting the shape, it will look like the image shown, fold into half and trace another line shown on the photo on the right side


 Step 5 After cutting the shape, and open it up, it will look like the image shown
Step 6 Repeat the step 2 times to create another 2 pieces 
Step 7 Cut a long piece , shown below
Step by Step instruction on how to put together the felt to make mooncake!
Step 1 : Glue/sew he small piece and the big piece together 
It will look like this
Step 2 Glue/Sew the long rectangle shape piece
to the first piece
Step 3 Insert stuffing into the mooncake
Step 4 : Glue/Sew the base of the mooncake but leave a small gap 
Step 5 insert more stuffing so that it is squeezable 
Step 6 glue/sew the small gap to close it and YOU'RE DONE