Below are some notes if you have chosen store pick-ups:

  1. Store pick-ups are not same day services! Please allow our staff to work through orders in sequence. We endeavour to complete order within 48hrs fo receiving them.

  2. Pick-ups can be done at our retail location between 11am and 6pm. Mondays to Saturdays.

  3. When your order is ready for collection, we will notify you through email. If you enable notifications via SMS (Please enable it during Check-out) or Facebook messenger, you will receive a notice there.

  4. Your notification will state that "Your order is completed". You may make your self collection after receiving this message from us.

  5. Please try not to call us to ask about your order status. We try to work through our order ASAP. However, if you do not receive a notification after 2 days, please contact us. 

  6. We charge a nominal service fee for store pick-ups to cover transaction costs associated with online orders.

Thank-you again for your kind support and understanding. We wish you happy shopping.