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"Cut-to-length" YKK Light-gold Metal Zipper"Cut-to-length" YKK Light-gold Metal Zipper
"Zipper-by-the-meter" Nylon Coil Zipper"Zipper-by-the-meter" Nylon Coil Zipper
"Zipper-by-the-meter" YKK Vislon Zipper"Zipper-by-the-meter" YKK Vislon Zipper
110R Mini Seam Ripper
PRYM 110R Mini Seam Ripper
In stock, 198 units
114R Seam Ripper with plastic handle
12mm 2-fold Cotton Bias Tape (5m/pkt)12mm 2-fold Cotton Bias Tape (5m/pkt)
25mm  Key Fobs Kit25mm  Key Fobs Kit
LNS 25mm Key Fobs Kit
From $3
In stock, 54 units
2mm Elastic Cord (10m)2mm Elastic Cord (10m)
LNS 2mm Elastic Cord (10m)
In stock, 19 units
3M Scotch Tape
Lye Nai Shiong 3M Scotch Tape
In stock, 116 units
3mm Elastic Cord (5m)
6mm PP Cord6mm PP Cord
LNS 6mm PP Cord
In stock, 647 units
Acetate Satin Lining
LNS Acetate Satin Lining
In stock, 92 units
Antique Gold Alloy Clasp Hook
LNS Antique Gold Alloy Clasp Hook
From $1.80
In stock, 207 units
Antique Gold Alloy D-Ring (Nickel-Free)
LNS Antique Gold Alloy D-Ring (Nickel-Free)
From $1.40
In stock, 80 units
Antique Gold Alloy Slider Loop (Tri-glide)
LNS Antique Gold Alloy Slider Loop (Tri-glide)
From $0.80
In stock, 106 units
Antique Gold Alloy Square Ring
LNS Antique Gold Alloy Square Ring
From $1.40
In stock, 56 units
B95 50cm/18in Grading RulerB95 50cm/18in Grading Ruler
LNS B95 50cm/18in Grading Ruler
In stock, 16 units
Babyville Boutique PUL Fabric - Camo (YARD)Babyville Boutique PUL Fabric - Camo (YARD)
Babyville Boutique PUL Fabric - Chevron (YARD)Babyville Boutique PUL Fabric - Chevron (YARD)

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