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PRYM 611346 Loop TurnerPRYM 611346 Loop Turner
PRYM PRYM 611346 Loop Turner
In stock, 30 units
114R Seam Ripper with plastic handle
Standard Hook and Loops Fastener (20mm - 100mm)Standard Hook and Loops Fastener (20mm - 100mm)
110R Mini Seam Ripper
PRYM 110R Mini Seam Ripper
In stock, 133 units
Needle Threader
LNS Needle Threader
In stock, 63 units
Slim-line Tailoring Awl
Tracing wheel with wooden handle
Fabric Wonder ClipsFabric Wonder Clips
LNS Fabric Wonder Clips
From $4.70
In stock, 46 units
Hoechstmass Measurement Tape 19CL (150cm/ 60in)Hoechstmass Measurement Tape 19CL (150cm/ 60in)
PRYM Bias Tape MakerPRYM Bias Tape Maker
PRYM PRYM Bias Tape Maker
From $8.80
In stock, 22 units
PRYM 611738 Sew and Knit GaugePRYM 611738 Sew and Knit Gauge
Hoechstmass Measurement Tape 15CL (150cm/ 60in)
PRYM 611250 BeeswaxPRYM 611250 Beeswax
PRYM PRYM 611250 Beeswax
In stock, 9 units
PRYM Ergonomics ThimblesPRYM Ergonomics Thimbles
PRYM PRYM Ergonomics Thimbles
Only 5 units left
3M Scotch Tape
3M 3M Scotch Tape
In stock, 16 units
PRYM Tracing Wheel Ergonomics Toothed / SmoothPRYM Tracing Wheel Ergonomics Toothed / Smooth
Hoechstmass ROLLFIX Tape MeasureHoechstmass ROLLFIX Tape Measure
Wooden Scatch AwlWooden Scatch Awl
Lyenaishiong Wooden Scatch Awl
In stock, 21 units
PRYM 611175 Needle ThreadersPRYM 611175 Needle Threaders
PRYM PRYM 611175 Needle Threaders
In stock, 41 units
Tracing wheel plastic handle
Prym Love 610287 Magnetic Pin Cushion + 9 g glass-head pinsPrym Love 610287 Magnetic Pin Cushion + 9 g glass-head pins
PRYM Ergonomic Stitch RipperPRYM Ergonomic Stitch Ripper
PRYM PRYM Ergonomic Stitch Ripper
In stock, 17 units
PRYM 611639 Chalk SharpenerPRYM 611639 Chalk Sharpener
PRYM PRYM 611639 Chalk Sharpener
Only 4 units left
PRYM 611340 Arm Pin CushionPRYM 611340 Arm Pin Cushion
PRYM PRYM 611340 Arm Pin Cushion
Only 5 units left

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