Drafting and Pattern Making

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Chaco Chalk Pencil
Chaco Chaco Chalk Pencil
In stock, 66 units
Drafting Paper 30in x 40in
Lyenaishiong Drafting Paper 30in x 40in
From $1.80
In stock, 83 units
Water soluble fabric marking  pen
Chaco Water soluble fabric marking pen
From $2.20
In stock, 480 units
VIP Tailor's Chalk
VIP VIP Tailor's Chalk
In stock, 593 units
New Chaco Transfer PaperNew Chaco Transfer Paper
Chaco New Chaco Transfer Paper
In stock, 35 units
Chako Twin Air-erasable fabric marking pen
Chaco Chalk PenChaco Chalk Pen
LNS Chaco Chalk Pen
In stock, 123 units
Chako Air-erasable fabric marking penChako Air-erasable fabric marking pen
Hancock's Tailor's Chalk
Hancock Hancock's Tailor's Chalk
In stock, 198 units
Model 3250 Metric French Curve RulerModel 3250 Metric French Curve Ruler
Tracing wheel with wooden handle
B95 50cm/18in Grading RulerB95 50cm/18in Grading Ruler
LNS B95 50cm/18in Grading Ruler
In stock, 25 units
Prym Cartridge pencilPrym Cartridge pencil
PRYM Prym Cartridge pencil
From $3.70
In stock, 14 units
PRYM 611738 Sew and Knit GaugePRYM 611738 Sew and Knit Gauge
Hancock ClothmarkerHancock Clothmarker
Hancock Hancock Clothmarker
In stock, 388 units
Panda marking chalkPanda marking chalk
Lyenaishiong Panda marking chalk
In stock, 380 units
Model 8097 60cm/24in Grading RulerModel 8097 60cm/24in Grading Ruler
Model 8005 60cm Metric Grading RulerModel 8005 60cm Metric Grading Ruler
PRYM Marking PencilPRYM Marking Pencil
PRYM PRYM Marking Pencil
From $1.80
In stock, 15 units
Foldable Cutting Mat
LNS Foldable Cutting Mat
From $15
In stock, 6 units
Prym Dressmaker pattern paper gridded 1mx10m $10.50 drafting, dressmaker paper Lye Nai ShiongPrym Dressmaker pattern paper gridded 1mx10m $10.50 drafting, dressmaker paper Lye Nai Shiong
PRYM Tracing Wheel Ergonomics Toothed / SmoothPRYM Tracing Wheel Ergonomics Toothed / Smooth
Clover Tracing Paper "Chacopy"
Clover 25-052 Clear Scale Ruler 50cmClover 25-052 Clear Scale Ruler 50cm

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