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Woven Elastic Tape(Strong)
LNS Woven Elastic Tape(Strong)
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Prym elastic threadPrym elastic thread
PRYM Prym elastic thread
In stock, 113 units
Prym Elastic BandPrym Elastic Band
PRYM Prym Elastic Band
From $1.10
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PRYM Bodkins with gold eyePRYM Bodkins with gold eye
PRYM PRYM Bodkins with gold eye
Only 1 unit left
PRYM Buttonhole Elastic Band 18mm / 25mmPRYM Buttonhole Elastic Band 18mm / 25mm
PRYM Elastic Cord 2.5mmPRYM Elastic Cord 2.5mm
PRYM PRYM Elastic Cord 2.5mm
In stock, 64 units
Woven Elastic Tape 75mm - 100mm
Prym Transparent Knitting-in Elastic ThreadPrym Transparent Knitting-in Elastic Thread
PRYM Colour Elastic Tape 25mmPRYM Colour Elastic Tape 25mm
PRYM PRYM Colour Elastic Tape 25mm
In stock, 589 units
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Prym Soft-touch Elastic 38mmPrym Soft-touch Elastic 38mm
PRYM Prym Soft-touch Elastic 38mm
$5 $5.50
In stock, 438 units
PRYM Ballet Elastic 7mmPRYM Ballet Elastic 7mm
PRYM PRYM Ballet Elastic 7mm
Only 2 units left
PRYM Elastic Cord 1.5mm in assorted coloursPRYM Elastic Cord 1.5mm in assorted colours
PRYM Crochet Elastic 25mm (meter)PRYM Crochet Elastic 25mm (meter)
PRYM PRYM Crochet Elastic 25mm (meter)
In stock, 328 units

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