Ribbons, Bias tapes and Cords

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12mm 2-fold Cotton Bias Tape (5m/pkt)12mm 2-fold Cotton Bias Tape (5m/pkt)
Cosmo Satin Bias 12mm (3yd per card)Cosmo Satin Bias 12mm (3yd per card)
6mm PP Cord6mm PP Cord
LNS 6mm PP Cord
In stock, 583 units
20mm Cotton Twill Tape (3m)20mm Cotton Twill Tape (3m)
LNS 20mm Cotton Twill Tape (3m)
In stock, 198 units
Cotton Twill Tape 10mm (5m)Cotton Twill Tape 10mm (5m)
LNS Cotton Twill Tape 10mm (5m)
In stock, 252 units
Sew-on Reflective tapeSew-on Reflective tape
LNS Sew-on Reflective tape
In stock, 18 units

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