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ZXQ TB448 Steel Thread Cutter
LNS ZXQ TB448 Steel Thread Cutter
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Fabric Shears with Cover by ZXQFabric Shears with Cover by ZXQ
ZXQ Fabric Shears with Cover by ZXQ
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Ergonomic Soft-touch Rotary Cutter 45mmErgonomic Soft-touch Rotary Cutter 45mm
Embroidery Scissors by ZXQEmbroidery Scissors by ZXQ
ZXQ Embroidery Scissors by ZXQ
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In stock, 22 units
PRYM 611445 Embroidery Scissors 9cm (Stork)PRYM 611445 Embroidery Scissors 9cm (Stork)
PRYM 611508 Dressmaking Scissors Xact ScissorsPRYM 611508 Dressmaking Scissors Xact Scissors
PRYM 611516 Embroidery Scissors 10cmPRYM 611516 Embroidery Scissors 10cm
Kai 7250 Professional Tailoring ShearsKai 7250 Professional Tailoring Shears
Misuzu No. 551 "Itokiri-kun" Thread Cutting ScissorsMisuzu No. 551 "Itokiri-kun" Thread Cutting Scissors
PRYM 611517 Dressmaking Scissors Tailor ShearsPRYM 611517 Dressmaking Scissors Tailor Shears
Misuzu No. 818 Pinking ShearsMisuzu No. 818 Pinking Shears
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PRYM 611512 Professional Tailor's Shears HT 8'' (21cm)PRYM 611512 Professional Tailor's Shears HT 8'' (21cm)
Nakabayahi Foldable Cutting MatNakabayahi Foldable Cutting Mat
Nakabayashi Nakabayahi Foldable Cutting Mat
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In stock, 7 units
Misuzu No. 603 ST-245 Fabric ShearsMisuzu No. 603 ST-245 Fabric Shears
PRYM 611510 Embroidery Scissors 13cmPRYM 611510 Embroidery Scissors 13cm
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Misuzu No. 300 Dressmaking Scissors
Prym 651239 Sewing Kit MPrym 651239 Sewing Kit M
PRYM Prym 651239 Sewing Kit M
In stock, 7 units
Prym 611514 Professional Embroidery Scissors 10cmPrym 611514 Professional Embroidery Scissors 10cm
Misuzu No. 800 Misaburo "Hand-made" Tailoring ShearsMisuzu No. 800 Misaburo "Hand-made" Tailoring Shears
PRYM Dressmaking Scissors Left HandPRYM Dressmaking Scissors Left Hand

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