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Model 3250 Metric French Curve RulerModel 3250 Metric French Curve Ruler
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B95 50cm/18in Grading RulerB95 50cm/18in Grading Ruler
LNS B95 50cm/18in Grading Ruler
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PRYM 611738 Sew and Knit GaugePRYM 611738 Sew and Knit Gauge
Model 8097 60cm/24in Grading RulerModel 8097 60cm/24in Grading Ruler
Model 8005 60cm Metric Grading RulerModel 8005 60cm Metric Grading Ruler
Clover 25-052 Clear Scale Ruler 50cmClover 25-052 Clear Scale Ruler 50cm
Model 6261 Metric Vary Form Curve RulerModel 6261 Metric Vary Form Curve Ruler
Model 6406 Armhole TemplateModel 6406 Armhole Template
LNS Model 6406 Armhole Template
In stock, 18 units
Sewmate Seam GaugeSewmate Seam Gauge
SEWMATE Sewmate Seam Gauge
In stock, 39 units
PRYM 610732 Quarter / Seam RulerPRYM 610732 Quarter / Seam Ruler
Metric Hot Iron Ruler (30 x 10cm)Metric Hot Iron Ruler (30 x 10cm)
Model 8514 1/4 Scale TemplateModel 8514 1/4 Scale Template
Clover 9507 Seams RightClover 9507 Seams Right
Prym Hand GaugePrym Hand Gauge
PRYM Prym Hand Gauge
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In stock, 58 units
Model 6402 Vary Form CurveModel 6402 Vary Form Curve
LNS Model 6402 Vary Form Curve
In stock, 34 units
Metric Hot Iron Ruler (20 x 10cm)Metric Hot Iron Ruler (20 x 10cm)
Imperial Hot Iron Ruler (10in x 5in)Imperial Hot Iron Ruler (10in x 5in)
Metric Patchwork Ruler (30cm x 15cm)
Metric Patchwork Ruler (45cm x 10cm)
Imperial Hot Iron Ruler (10in x 2.5in)Imperial Hot Iron Ruler (10in x 2.5in)
Clover 7703 Graph Ruler 50cmClover 7703 Graph Ruler 50cm
Clover Clover 7703 Graph Ruler 50cm
In stock, 42 units
Metric Patchwork Ruler (16cm x 16cm)
Imperial Patchwork Ruler (24in x 6in)
Model 6360 Transparent Hip Curve RulerModel 6360 Transparent Hip Curve Ruler

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