Bosal 491 Double-side Fusible Heat-mouldable 20in x 36in

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Bosal 491 Double-side Fusible Heat-mouldable easily shapes fabric, bowls, boxes, vases, kids crafts, costumes, and more. Special heat mouldable properties permit you to heat the material and mould into any shape! 

Fuse fabrics to both sides using iron before moulding. 

Apply steam and heat to Bosal 491 Double-side Fusible Heat-mouldable while hot, mould into desired shape. Leave to cool. Shape is now permanent.   

For Professionals: Apply with heat gun, Bosal 491 Double-side Fusible Heat-mouldable will now will set hard (cast like).

  • Fusible on both sides
  • 1 pc 36in x 20in (57cm x 91cm)
  • Made in USA.

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