Bosal 500-18 Stitch-N-Steam Fabric 62in x 18in

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Create unique textures with Bosal 500-18 Stitch-N-Steam! Designed to shrink around 30% when applied with steam. Bosal 500-18 Stitch-N-Steam puckers and crumples to form unique patterns depending on the stitches applied to it and distance between stitches. Have fun design fabric design as unique as You!

  • Perfect for adding texture to fabric for quilts, garments, tote bags, home decor and more
  • Steam-activated multi-directional permanent shrinkage of fabrics
  • 62in x 18in (155cm x 46cm)
  • Made in USA

 The videos below shows you the effects that can be created using Bosal 500-18 Stitch-N-Steam



Here's an example how Stirch-N-Steam can be made into a bag.

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