PRYM Textil+ Adhesive

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The versatile Textil+ Adhesive sticks fabrics, leather, rubber, wood, metal, and PVC. This fabric adhesive can be used to repair tents or air mattresses and adhere seams to fine and firm fabrics.

This adhesive is solvent-free and becomes transparent after hardening; it is washable at up to 40 degrees.

If necessary, it can be easily dissolved as well to make corrections to a strap seam that has already been adhered with an iron and can be adhered again. 

  • Universal fabric adhesive without solvent
  • Adheres fabrics, leather, rubber, wood, metal, PVC and much more
  • Suitable for adhering strap seams
  • Washable up to 40 degrees
  • Available in 30g and 110g pack


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