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150SR Seam Ripper with plastic handle150SR Seam Ripper with plastic handle
20mm Cotton Twill Tape (3m)20mm Cotton Twill Tape (3m)
LNS 20mm Cotton Twill Tape (3m)
In stock, 296 units
25mm Key Fobs Kit25mm Key Fobs Kit
LNS 25mm Key Fobs Kit
From $3
Sold out
2mm Elastic Cord
LNS 2mm Elastic Cord
In stock, 74 units
3mm Elastic Cord
LNS 3mm Elastic Cord
From $3.50
In stock, 75 units
4mm Elastic Cord
LNS 4mm Elastic Cord
From $5
In stock, 43 units
6mm PP Cord (6m)6mm PP Cord (6m)
LNS 6mm PP Cord (6m)
In stock, 543 units
Acetate Satin Lining
LNS Acetate Satin Lining
In stock, 30 units
Adhesive Style-tapeAdhesive Style-tape
LNS Adhesive Style-tape
In stock, 108 units
Antique Gold Alloy Clasp Hook
LNS Antique Gold Alloy Clasp Hook
From $1.80
In stock, 240 units
Antique Gold Alloy D-Ring (Nickel-Free)
LNS Antique Gold Alloy D-Ring (Nickel-Free)
From $1.40
In stock, 242 units
Antique Gold Alloy Slider Loop (Tri-glide)
Antique Gold Alloy Square Ring
LNS Antique Gold Alloy Square Ring
From $1.40
In stock, 162 units
Save 14%
B95 50cm/18in Grading RulerB95 50cm/18in Grading Ruler
LNS B95 50cm/18in Grading Ruler
$3 $3.50
In stock, 23 units
LNS Basic Non-woven Interlining in 3 weights
From $0.90
In stock, 870 units
Basic Shirting CottonBasic Shirting Cotton
LNS Basic Shirting Cotton
In stock, 298 units
Bobbins For Industrial Sewing Machine (DBx1) 6pcs
Braided Elastic Band
LNS Braided Elastic Band
From $1.30
Sold out
Chaco Chalk PenChaco Chalk Pen
LNS Chaco Chalk Pen
In stock, 65 units
Chaco Chalk Pen RefillChaco Chalk Pen Refill
LNS Chaco Chalk Pen Refill
In stock, 155 units
Cotton Bag strap 20mmCotton Bag strap 20mm
LNS Cotton Bag strap 20mm
In stock, 343 units
Cotton Bag strap 25mmCotton Bag strap 25mm
LNS Cotton Bag strap 25mm
In stock, 2496 units
Cotton Bag strap 30mmCotton Bag strap 30mm
LNS Cotton Bag strap 30mm
From $1
In stock, 1534 units
Cotton Bag strap 38mmCotton Bag strap 38mm
LNS Cotton Bag strap 38mm
In stock, 293 units

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