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Self-fastening Animal Eyes for Plush Toys
Doll Eyes for Plush ToysDoll Eyes for Plush Toys
LNS Doll Eyes for Plush Toys
In stock, 30 units
Prym 968062 Iron-on Textile Spray Adhesive
Medium-weight Cotton Fusible Woven Interlining LIF45515Medium-weight Cotton Fusible Woven Interlining LIF45515
Medium-weight Cotton Fusible Woven Interlining LIF45624
Sew-on Reflective tapeSew-on Reflective tape
LNS Sew-on Reflective tape
In stock, 18 units
20mm Cotton Twill Tape (3m)20mm Cotton Twill Tape (3m)
LNS 20mm Cotton Twill Tape (3m)
In stock, 231 units
Cotton Twill Tape 10mm (5m)Cotton Twill Tape 10mm (5m)
LNS Cotton Twill Tape 10mm (5m)
In stock, 345 units
Bosal In-R-Foam. Foam Interfacing. Bag making material. Bosal 492-18 In-R-Form Sew in Foam Stabilizer 58in x 18in
E6000 Clear Craft Adhesive
Prym Magnetic Sew-on Buttons (25mm)Prym Magnetic Sew-on Buttons (25mm)
Prym Magnetic Sew-on Buttons (19mm)Prym Magnetic Sew-on Buttons (19mm)
Wax Thread For Leather SewingWax Thread For Leather Sewing
Premium Polyester Felt QuartersPremium Polyester Felt Quarters
PRYM Non-sew press fastener Sport & CampingPRYM Non-sew press fastener Sport & Camping
Magnetic Buttons 18mmMagnetic Buttons 18mm
LNS Magnetic Buttons 18mm
From $2
In stock, 134 units
Magnetic Buttons 14mmMagnetic Buttons 14mm
LNS Magnetic Buttons 14mm
From $1.60
In stock, 111 units
6mm PP Cord6mm PP Cord
LNS 6mm PP Cord
In stock, 576 units
Save 17%
Soft Elastic Twill-tape 5mm
LNS Soft Elastic Twill-tape 5mm
$2 $2.40
In stock, 46 units
Herring bone Design Bag Strap 25mmHerring bone Design Bag Strap 25mm
PRYM Decorative Bag Strap 40mmPRYM Decorative Bag Strap 40mm
Cotton Bag strap 50mmCotton Bag strap 50mm
LNS Cotton Bag strap 50mm
In stock, 227 units
Cotton Bag strap 38mmCotton Bag strap 38mm
LNS Cotton Bag strap 38mm
In stock, 367 units
Cotton Bag strap 30mmCotton Bag strap 30mm
LNS Cotton Bag strap 30mm
From $1
In stock, 958 units

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