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Drafting Paper 30in x 40in
Lyenaishiong Drafting Paper 30in x 40in
From $1.80
In stock, 56 units
Horse Hair Braid Hard (meter)
Horse Hair Braid Soft (meter)
Panda marking chalkPanda marking chalk
Lyenaishiong Panda marking chalk
In stock, 384 units
Pattern Notcher
Lyenaishiong Pattern Notcher
Only 5 units left
Polyester Filling
Lyenaishiong Polyester Filling
From $4.30
In stock, 7 units
Sewn-in Bonning
Lyenaishiong Sewn-in Bonning
From $4
In stock, 204 units
Slim-line Tailoring Awl
Tracing wheel plastic handle
Tracing wheel with wooden handle
Transparent Bonning (3m)
Lyenaishiong Transparent Bonning (3m)
From $1.50
In stock, 86 units
Wooden Embroidery Hoop
Lyenaishiong Wooden Embroidery Hoop
From $2
In stock, 135 units
Wooden Scatch AwlWooden Scatch Awl
Lyenaishiong Wooden Scatch Awl
In stock, 26 units

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