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Tracing wheel plastic handle
Model 6261 Metric Vary Form Curve RulerModel 6261 Metric Vary Form Curve Ruler
Chaco Chalk Pen RefillChaco Chalk Pen Refill
LNS Chaco Chalk Pen Refill
In stock, 101 units
Model 6406 Armhole TemplateModel 6406 Armhole Template
Pattern Notcher
SEWMATE Tracing WheelSEWMATE Tracing Wheel
In stock, 16 units
Prym 611384 Fixing WeightsPrym 611384 Fixing Weights
PRYM Prym 611384 Fixing Weights
In stock, 6 units
Sewmate Seam GaugeSewmate Seam Gauge
SEWMATE Sewmate Seam Gauge
In stock, 39 units
PRYM 610732 Quarter / Seam RulerPRYM 610732 Quarter / Seam Ruler
Model 8514 1/4 Scale TemplateModel 8514 1/4 Scale Template
Metric Hot Iron Ruler (30 x 10cm)Metric Hot Iron Ruler (30 x 10cm)
Model 6402 Vary Form CurveModel 6402 Vary Form Curve
LNS Model 6402 Vary Form Curve
In stock, 13 units
Prym Hand GaugePrym Hand Gauge
PRYM Prym Hand Gauge
From $2.20
In stock, 41 units
VIP Tailor's Chalk (Box of 12pcs)
Metric Hot Iron Ruler (20 x 10cm)Metric Hot Iron Ruler (20 x 10cm)
Adhesive Style-tapeAdhesive Style-tape
LNS Adhesive Style-tape
In stock, 64 units
Clover 517 White Marking PenClover 517 White Marking Pen
Imperial Hot Iron Ruler (10in x 5in)Imperial Hot Iron Ruler (10in x 5in)
Jinbutsu Tailor's Chalk (10's)
Jinbutsu Jinbutsu Tailor's Chalk (10's)
From $9
In stock, 52 units
Metric Patchwork Ruler (30cm x 15cm)
Imperial Patchwork Ruler (24in x 6in)
Save 17%
Mitsubishi No. 772 Red-Blue PencilMitsubishi No. 772 Red-Blue Pencil
Imperial Hot Iron Ruler (10in x 2.5in)Imperial Hot Iron Ruler (10in x 2.5in)
PRYM 610464 Transfer Paper (White/Blue)PRYM 610464 Transfer Paper (White/Blue)

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